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Aunt Sybil's
Caribbean Flavors

Indulging in our present agricultural food shortage, our Frozen Entrées will be an added welcome to the Frozen Food Entrées.

With our meticulously portion blend of herbs and spices, delicately kettled cook to perfection, replicating that true Caribbean Flavor and Aroma throughout, was/is carefully prepared with you in mind. From our Kitchen to Your Table, catering to every walk of life in our preparation and presentation to you.  A source inspiration for unbelievable Frozen Entrées delivery.  Dressed in Aunt Sybil’s graceful cooking touch, with six (6) tantalizing mouth-watering flavors to choose from, namely:  Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken, Brown Stew Chicken, Cauliflower & Chick Peas Curry, Stew Beef and Jerk Pork.

Aunt Sybil’s Caribbean Flavors Ltd.” (ASCF) is an authentic Caribbean fine food Company, with a unique Brand of prepared foods. Over the years ASCF has developed an exquisite array line of fresh Caribbean recipes. Our Frozen Entrées are now available online for the convenience of ordering from your home, office, you name it.

ASCF is a Canadian-based company. Our products are produced, manufactured and distributed to local markets in Canada.


Bringing the Caribbean Flavor right to your home with Aunt Sybil’s line of frozen Entrée. They have the same authentic and savory flavors a traditional Caribbean plate would have. Come, try some of our bestselling meals and be a part of the Aunt Sybil’s growing family.


With our highly qualified Team of R&D, Co-Packers, Distribution, Logistics, Digital Marketing and Social Media, we have the infrastructure in place to attain our business goals. ASCF has put together a brand marketing team of experts to define the unique values and the go‐to market strategies.

Consumers values, goals and understanding are taken into consideration for our organization to succeed.

Study shows, some query of the general public consumer:  “I need something quick and easyI don’t feel like cookingI’m busyI don’t know what to eat”. We are users of our own products. Our passion for a healthier meal at home, from your freezer, with in minuets, just arrived. A healthier world is the pillars of Aunt Sybil’s brand and why consumers will become brand advocates, with concise and healthier choices.

Making Family Lives Better, Healthier, Easier and Richer by adding nature’s own, all Natural Ingredients to/in our Products.


ASCF is a Canadian based company. Our products are currently prepared,  manufactured, and distributed to local markets in Canada.

The original recipes of our Brand, was derived from our source inspiration for unbelievable deliveries of Aunt Sybil’s (Grandmother), procured from the same quality, that makes up our Caribbean Flavors. Re-developed by her 2nd generation, maintaining the same savory taste on quality, texture to adapt for the commercial manufacturing processes within North America (Canada & USA).

Over the past two (2) decades, millions of tourist of various nationalities, from all parts of the World, visit and revisit the Caribbean Islands each year to enjoy the flavors of Fine Caribbean Cuisine. Prepared for Table near you!

The Future


To build Aunt Sybil’s  (ASCF) BRAND, becoming the MOST LOVE’D, MOST Recognized Caribbean Cuisine Brand, World Wide, and in Many Household.


Our Mission: Making Family Lives Better, Healthier, Easier and Richer by adding nature’s own, all Natural Ingredients to / in our Products.


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